65 Amps Tupelo 20 Watt Head

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The Tupelo is a breakthrough amplifier rooted in some lost designs from the early '60s best designer, only based on a 6V6 power section. Its unique circuitry creates a platform that reveals the true character of the power tubes to a surprising level.

The 6V6 power section colors the character of the front end to sound like outstanding examples of American circuitry from the late '50s through the mid-sixties while at the same time removing all the bad behaviors of those old amps.

The Tupelo is a must for players whose ears are tuned to American circuits and sounds. Equally comfortable in every music genre, the hot-rodded Tupelo is a super versatile cousin to the 65 Amps Lil' Elvis with more power, an astonishing vocabulary, touch sensitivity and harmonic richness. It is loaded with 65 Amp's "Master Voltage™" circuitry to make the Tupelo comfortable at any volume, from bedroom to coffee house to small clubs to the studio.

The Tupelo also features a passive FX Loop, 2 speaker outs, 65 Amp's unique bias tremolo, and of course... rich tone for days! 

This Tupelo is VERY lightly used, and in great overall condition. It will ship swiftly, with the original footswitch and a TUKI cover!

Feel free to call if you have any additional questions!