AER Compact Classic Professional

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This amp is the deluxe version of the AER Compact 60. It has more of everything. More effects, better speakers, and tons of input-output options. Check the back panel: it has every imaginable option available including insert, effects send, direct out, pre/post effects switch, voicing. 

Here are some specs provided by AER:

The Compact Classic pro is aimed at classical players and their instruments. Compared to the Compact 60, the Compact Classic benefits from an improved 2-way-speaker system, a more complex three band EQ with parametric bass and the 32bit AER digital effect processor with carefully designed presets for classical instruments.

All the features combine perfectly to more allow for the finer tonal texture of a classical instrument throughout the full audio band. It enhances the low frequency response without increasing feedback risk and creates beautiful ambiences that enrich the tone. 60 watts, dynamic control two-way speaker system, 8” (200 mm) twin cone speaker plus tweeter.

Single-channel, two inputs, 3 band EQ with bass parametric and 32 bit AER digital effect processor with 16 presets round out the incredible specs of this little gem.

This sweet amp is lightly used and ready to ship. Make it yours and it'll ship out lightning fast.