Aguilar DB750 Tube Bass Amp

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Listen up, you lords of the low end! Here we have the mighty DB 750, an incredible hybrid amplifier with a discrete Mosfet output section and an all tube preamp. Not for the faint of heart; the perfect combination of raw power and excellent tone. Delivering 750 Watts at 4 ohms and 975 Watts at 2 ohms this amp literally rattles you to the core. To get all this power to the speakers the DB 750 has Neutrik speak-on outputs for maximum efficiency. In addition to outstanding performance with any active or passive four string bass, the DB 750 will musically and accurately reproduce the extended range of modern five and six string basses.

This tone beast has seen some action and is still ready to rock. It's been tucked securely into its roadcase (included) along with a Furman power condtioner (also included!).