Aguilar GS 412 Bass Cab

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The best thing about this massive air-moving marvel? It's a bass cabinet that's way lighter than most comparable 8x10 cabs and is easy to move thanks to a tilt-back design with built-in rear-mounted wheels (less prone to tipping) and recessed top- and side-mounted deep-dish handles. Plus, your sound benefits from the speaker cab's 4 custom-designed, cast-frame Aguilar 12" bass speakers with 56 oz. magnets. They easily handle all the lows while keeping things nice and punchy. Adjust the custom crossover and phenolic tweeter right on the back of the cab to dial in just the right amount of high-end snap.

This tone beast has seen some action, some light use, and is still ready to rock. It's been tucked securely into its roadcase (included) along with a Furman power condtioner (also included!). We also have an amazing Aguilar DB 750 head in stock that pairs amazing with this cab. Check out its separate listing, and if you'd like to have both, we can make ya a deal!