AJH Wave Swarm

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So theres a lot going on here... strap in & prepare for your doctorate in modular synthesizing!

The WaveSwarm is a waveform animator which can take a regular sawtooth or triangle waveform and add "animations" so that it can sound like up to twelve unison VCO's all playing together!Each channel simulates up to six VCO's beating in unison. The fixed beat frequencies are generated by twelve onboard LFO's, and the front panel pots control the level of each of the six animators, along with the level of the dry signal to the final mix. It also has an A+B output, which sums the outputs of the two channels, creating an effect similar to twelve VCO's in unison! Also, channel B uses slightly different beat frequencies to channel A, they are not identical. The input waveform can be saw, triangle, sine or wavetable / complex waveforms, in fact most waveforms with the exception of square or pwm waves will give some form of animation.A soft clip circuit is built in so that at higher signal levels the signal magnitude is limited by rounding the top and bottom of the waveforms, thus slightly softening the sound. There are soft clip Led indicators for both channels. The WaveSwarm is capable of producing huge, fat drones or supersaw type waveforms from a single sawtooth or triangle wave input.