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The newest addition to Alexander Pedals’ Neo Series, the Defender is a unique pedal with multiple digital drives ranging from subtle to massive digital fuzz paired with a full control panel of secondary effects. The Defender is capable of anything from a transparent overdrive with slapback delay to a wall of synth fuzz made even more bodacious with octaves included. Space-aged guitarists of all types will find a setting on the Defender in which they feel right at home.

Key Features of the Defender

  • OD - Overdrive with a clear midrange character.  This mode ranges from transparent to gritty with a sweep of the Drive knob. Try this mode with the Blend control near noon for a fantastic soft-clipping boost.
  • DST - Distortion with a darker, smoother tone.  Gets hairy quickly and loves to party.
  • FZ - Splattery, sizzly fuzz tone.  Don't even bother trying to get this one to clean up, sounds kind of like a toy robot being fed into a garbage disposal.
  • Once you've selected your distortion, you can choose from one of three special effects.  Any distortion effect may be combined with any special effect.  Please note that the special effects only work on the distorted sound, and not on the clean blend signal.
  • PIT - Polyphonic octave shifting, applied to the distortion signal only.  The Tweak control adjusts the blend between octave down, distortion, and octave up.  This effect is killer for sub-octave riffing or screaming fuzz freakouts.
  • SPC - Space modulation using a short time delay on the distortion signal.  Tweak controls the delay time from zero to a short slap-back.  Try using the Warp function to sweep the delay time for manual flanger sounds.
  • FLT - Super- tweakable resonant lowpass filter, ideal for synth or wah textures. Light controls the cutoff frequency, Matter controls the resonance or sharpness of the filter.  Tweak mixes between the filtered sound and the unfiltered sound.

The Defender is fully compatible with the rest of Alexander Pedals’ Neo Series.

This pedal is lightly used and will ship safely and swiftly in its original box!