Alexander Pedals Super Neo-Matic Digital Time Modulator Neo Series

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If you're reading this then you probably know what you have in your hands. This pedal is a digital time modulator with insane possibilities, based on a certain strange traveler from long ago. Born in the cornfields of Iowa, this digital device graced the pedalboards of some people you probably know. Unfortunately most of hte originals are now either incredibly expensive, broken, or both.

Alexander have taken the concepts behind the OG pedal and re-implemented them with a modern DSP. They were able to use the technological advances of the intervening 25 years to improve the audio quality and increase the delay time. If you prefer the lo-fi original sound, you can get that too!

They've wrapped it all up in a board-friendly package with MIDI, presets, & expression pedal support. In other words, Alexander have made the pedal we all actually wanted back in '96.