Ampeg Model GVT15H 15-Watt Tube Guitar Amp Head

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Small but mighty. Cute as a button, some might say. Could it really be true that big things come in small packages? Yes! And here is your proof. 

This Ampeg head boasts 15 watts of humongous tone, so you can leave your SVT at home and save your back! All jokes aside, this amp is surprisingly versatile and powerful. With Baxandall-style EQ, this circuit is capable of a wide variety of tones with a much more efficient type of EQ curves--an audiophile's delight! This allows you to adjust frequencies in a much smoother, more effective manner than your traditional EQ controls. 

Ideal for practice spaces or smaller venues, you can enjoy all 15 watts of clean headroom, or you can flip the 2-way switch and cut the output down to 7.5 watts to access more crunch at lower volumes. Still not satisfied? What if I told you this little thang also has built-in spring reverb?! As I said before, small but mighty, indeed. And it's even got that classic 70s Ampeg look, just to sweeten the deal a bit. 

The GVT15H is outfitted with two 12AX7 preamp tubes, two 6V6GT power tubes, and a solid state rectifier. It also features an FX loop, so you can go nuts with your pedals while maintaining all the clarity you desire. Is there anything this amp can't do?

This tiny tube wonder has a few dings and scratches, but is overall in very good shape and we'll ensure that it ships super safely! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it.