Ampeg PF-210HE Portaflex 2x10 Fliptop Bass Cabinet w/ Horn

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The Portaflex 2x10 is a lightweight, super giggable power house for you lowend boys and girls! It draws on the power, tone and mojo of the classic Ampeg designs to create 450 watts of vintage Ampeg vibe. It pumps all that air-moving tone through dual Eminence 10˝ drivers push out true Ampeg tone. Even though this item is just the cab, since it’s a Portaflex, you can attach any PF Series head to the top, flip it inside and hit the road Ampeg style.

This sweet cab is lightly used and in very good condition. You'll find minor signs of love and use in the tolex on the top and light surface marks on the back railings and corners (see pics). But none of this detracts from how sick this cab looks and sounds! It will ship lighting fast upon payment!