Ampeg Reverberocket 1964

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A lesser-known gem among Ampeg amps, the Reverberocket! This mid-sixties beauty is a perfect option for someone who craves warm, full-frequency tube saturation, a lovely dimensional reverb, and tremolo circuit. Also, it's the perfect size for running around with, weighing right around 39 lbs. The working musician's delight, complete with guitar, accordion, and mic inputs. This amp has been given an extended life via full restoration-- we're talking tube sockets, tubes, caps, and the speaker has been replaced with a badass 75 watt Mojotone Greyhound, so you know it's gonna live forever. The footswitch has also been modded to plug/unplug via 1/4in. However, a few crucial original parts remain-- the transformers and reverb pan. The tube chart located inside the chassis is also original, but no longer accurate, since the circuit has been conveniently modded to use 6v6s.


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