Ampeg Rocket R-12 1950's

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The old school Ampeg guitar amps are absolute sleepers! Amazing tone, gig worthy, and solid. Don't let this amp's small stature fool you-- it gets surprisingly loud and the breakup is simply to die for. With three inputs (guitar, accordion, and "mike"), this shape-shifter combo is capable of a wide array of tonal qualities. It's equipped with one 5Y3, two 12AX7s, two 6V6 tubes, and loaded with a G12P-80 Celestion speaker (non-original). 12 watts of pure tone, as they say. Not to mention, a beautiful tremolo circuit that moves into square-wave territory. It was re-capped at some point in time, but everything else appears to be original (with the exception of the speaker).

This vintage beauty has a clean bill of health and has been gone through by our brilliant amp tech here at EMS. It'll ship stupid fast and very securely!