Ampeg V-4 120 Watt Amp Head

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One of our favorite rigs for bass or guitar. This thing has it all. Plug it into an 8x10 bass cab and it'll rumble your guts with absolutely massive low end and immaculate clarity to boot. Or plug it into a 4x12 guitar cab and push that volume for some ripping tube breakup and huge saturated power chords.

These 70's Ampegs are total workhorses, whether you're looking for a touring bass rig, a clean pedal platform for guitar, or something to push your wall of cabs and drone on some huge doomy chords, this thing will accomplish whatever your heart desires and then some. 120watts of classic, versatile 70's tone. 

Across the front panel you get two inputs, each with an independent Volume. Beyond these there's a 3-band EQ and a Reverb control. But this amp is secretly a tweaker's paradise. Each Volume has a three-way rocker switch acts as a -9db or -6db pad so you can push that Vol a little further. The Treble control has a the Ultra Hi control to bring out more highs when you need 'em. And finally there's a 3-way rocker that changes up the Mid control response. There's no way you won't be able to find your tone with this amp. 

Make no mistake, this joker is loud and proud. But there's no mistaking classic, vintage tube tone. 

This one shows its age and has playwear overall that is consistent with it's age. The tolex shows light aging, the front and rear panels have spots where the text has rubbed off (but you can still make out what they say). But you ain't buying this amp to look pretty. Inside it is clean, tightened up and functioning great thanks to the going over it received from the techs here at EMS. Grab this as your next rig and we'll ship it out securely packed!

As with all of our gear, if you have any questions about this amp, feel free to give us a shout here at the shop!