Ampeg V-4B Head and SVT 2x12 Cab

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John & Paul, Han & Chewy, PB&J ... like a great head & cab, some duos are undeniable.

For years Ampeg has remained one of the top bass gear brands for good reason. If you're looking for legendary tone consider this extra clean reissue. This modern take on a classic piece of gear is the perfect remedy for vintage tone seekers! 

Alright let's get into the specs on this big rig. This one channel V-4B head features 3-band EQ, Lo/Hi boost switches, two 12AX7 preamp tubes and 4 6L6GC power tubes all humming along at 100 watts. 

The included SVT cab is no slouch either. This beast is 600 watts of classic Ampeg tone pushing through two ceramic 12" Eminence speakers. 'Round back you'll find High Frequency Attenuator selection and full range inputs. 

This beautiful reissue head+cab is lightly used with minimal visible playwear. There's a slight bit of tolex wear on the right seam of the back panel (see pictured) but all in all this stack looks good, sounds great and comes ready for stage or studio! 

We won't be shipping this rig, but isn't it high time you made the trip to East Nashville to see us?? Come on by, try it out, and make it yours!

If you have any questions about this amp, or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop!