Aspen ES-335 60's-70's Hollowbody

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This little stunner is a late 60's/early 70's Aspen ES-335 "Lawsuit Era" hollowbody electric, crafted in Japan. It is completely original and the sound and playability rivals any similar 335 guitar. So freaking loud unplugged, there is some mad mojo coming from this budget baby.

It is all stock and is in amazing shape for its age. There are light signs of love and use, typical playwear, and light pick scratches. None of this detracts from the playability or vibe of this vintage tone box. 

These guitars are not as commonly seen as a lot of the other lawsuit Japanese guitars history says the early ones were made in Tokai factories, but we can't really put a guarantee on that. What we CAN guarantee, is that this guitar will play lightyears better than any of the other ones you've ever touched, as we've had our badass luthiers here at EMS give this beauty the full treatment.

It will ship setup, with level frets, ready for stage or studio. Zero issues whatsoever and get this, it ships with the original Aspen branded hardshell case.