Audio Sprockets Tone Dexter Acoustic Preamp

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Acoustic guitar. Upright bass. Banjo. Violin. ToneDexter don't care!

Wherever you've got a piezo pickup that isn't cutting it, the ToneDexter Preamp gets things back on track by restoring the natural tone of your acoustic instrument.

Live or in studio, this pro preamp gets the job done!

ToneDexter generates and stores WaveMaps, similar to impulse responses, of your favorite studio mics and performance rooms and imprints them onto your direct signal, complete with a blend (Character) control so you can sweeten to taste.

So if you've got an acoustic guitar that sounds a little too dull, quacky, or plastic plugged straight into a soundboard, ToneDexter can help bridge the gap between the sound of a direct signal and a miked signal — without the feedback nightmares common to miking it. 

The ToneDexter makes a handy all-around great gigging tool boasting a clean, high-headroom signal path and packing I/O and features (tuner, EQ, feedback-fighting notch filter) that makes it an all in one solution for you acoustic instrument gals and guys. 

These are currently on extended hiatus from production according to the manufacturer, so you'll wanna snag this lightly used one while you can! It has some light signs of love and use but works great and will take your acoustic instrument to the next level! 

This pedal ships safely and swiftly! Feel free to call us with any questions you have about this unit.