Audioscape Buss Compressor

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Woowee! We are huge fans of Audioscape. Their gear is sonically faithful and period -correct. This Buss Comp is no exception. Glue your mix together or slam it hard! 

Here is more info from the awesome team at Audioscape.

At the heart of our BUSS COMPRESSOR lies a custom-designed PCB utilizing a true QUAD VCA Design. Developed to exacting standards, it recreates every nuance and timbre of the original, classic British Console compressor. Employing an exclusive, true stereo side-chain design (as found in the original desks), results in a noticeable, euphonic sonic impact. The BUSS COMPRESSOR therefore has a much more pleasant, natural and open sound (especially when pushed), just like the legendary British Console compressor we’ve aimed to recreate; this is where some other units tend to fall short, shrink the stereo image and underperform as compared to the original.

In most cases, we prefer a “Purity of Tone” approach with our products and keep them as true to the originals as possible. After much demand, we have incorporated a simple, 160hz High-Pass Filter in the side-chain engaged via an ON/OFF toggle switch. To put it simply; this additional feature allows low-end dominant material to pass through the compressor “untouched”, while everything ABOVE 160hz is compressed as usual. Sub-heavy kick drums, growling basslines and massive synths, etc. retain their aggressiveness and punch without sacrificing the overall clarity of your mix.

Genuine, pure British Console compressor tone and action without countless, often unnecessary “mods” that seemingly rob this circuit of it’s strikingly magical ability to add glue, cohesion and added stereo field width / depth.

Hand-crafted one at a time in the USA, the BUSS COMPRESSOR is truly boutique; in every sense of the word.
Don’t be fooled by mass produced imitations made overseas. Yes, we’re biased. Hahaha. But we know what goes into EACH and EVERY product we offer.

As far as we’re concerned, there truly is no comparison and we hope you enjoy your BUSS COMPRESSOR as much as we are proud of it!

Update: We have received a few questions about whether this unit has the “Turbo Mod” as it's known in the DIY world. The Turbo Mod uses an external side-chain board to make a GSSL (and others) “true stereo”. The BUSS COMPRESSOR already has what would be considered the “Turbo Mod”; inherently integrated. Our exclusive, custom circuit board completely and accurately recreates the original console compressor and as such, no mods or “add-on’s” are necessary. As a result of faithfully reproducing the original’s circuit, we don’t have to fuss with extra mod boards, wires, etc. which can sometimes subtly degrade sonics, performance and reliability.