BadCat Cub IIR 15-Watt 2x10" Handwired Combo (Sampson Era) 2004

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Utter tone machine from the Mark Sampson era! Dual Celestion G10L-35 10" speakers crank out the tone that makes BadCat amps so BadAss!  The tube complement features a pair of JJ EL84's in the power section that sounds great in this amp!

Covered in a cool British racing green tolex with cream front panel, Cub IIR delivers up 15 Watts of Class A sound with a Master volume to get from clean, total tube crunch, or any gradient in between!  Throw down some pedals to complement it, or plug straight in: BadCat don't care! It handles both like a boss. 

This fella is all original and ready to go. Across the front panel you get controls for Volume, Bass, Treble, Reverb, Cut and the push/pull Master Volume (which allows you to remove the Master vol capability). Also on the front panel is a Focused/Spectrum toggle switch (Focused = Cut control is active and the Bass/Treble controls are bypassed; Spectrum = Bass and Treble controls are engaged and amp has a more Fender-y voice).

This amp has physical signs of use overall including scuffs and wear along the edges (see pics). But it still looks mighty handsome and sounds incredible!

The pro techs here at EMS have gone over this amp to ensure everything is secure, tight, and sounding right! It's ready and waiting to join your rig. Grab it and it will ship out lightning fast!

If you have any questions about this amp, or any of our gear, give us a shout here at the shop!