Bardic Audio Devices Thunderclap Bass Preamp Distortion

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The Thunderclap is a handmade clean preamp and dirty distortion specifically built for bass guitar. The preamp and distortion channels run parallel to each other, allowing you to blend the two channels together for your ideal mix of ability scores. The pedal was designed for a few specific sounds. The most obvious is the booming clean tone of a dwarf with a scratchy distortion of an agile rogue on top. The other is a sparkling clean tone of an elven bard with a thick, orc-like distortion. Do not let this description limit you. The possibilities are endless!


Level (LVL) - Controls the overall volume of the effect. Be careful when running it at 10. Your level might make you too powerful for your amp!

Charisma (CHA) - This is the treble control for the preamp. Just like charisma, it allows you to be more precise and careful with your actions.

Dexterity (DEX) - This is the bass control for the preamp. Dexterity measures your reflexes and contributes to initiative checks. When boosting the low end, you’ll always have the highest initiative roll. No one will stand in your way.

Alignment (ALIN) - This is the mix control. Clockwise moves towards the distortion side and counter-clockwise moves towards the preamp side. What is your alignment? Will you be the clean hero or a dirty villain?

Agility (AG) - This controls the tone of the distortion. Clockwise allows more highs through and allows for a clearly defined attack. Counter-clockwise cuts down the high end all the way down to 300Hz for the best low end growl orcs have ever heard.

Damage (DMG) - This controls the gain of the distortion. There is enough gain on tap to K.O. a dragon in one round. You can also be torturous and whip out devastating low gain sounds the will slowly destroy your opponent.

Dip Switch - Inside the enclosure is a dip switch that controls the clipping diodes for the distortion.

1: Germanium symmetrical clipping

2: Silicon symmetrical clipping

This pedal is super lightly used and ready for your board. It'll ship the next day.