Blackbox Quicksilver Delay

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The rare, the elusive, the coveted, the Quicksilver! This analog-voiced delay sounds incredible, and as they are no longer in production, is becoming increasingly hard to get your hands on!

The controls on this guy are fairly self-explanatory, but incredibly versatile. First off, you've got two different delay speeds available to set and switch between using the left footswitch. The Wobble and Speed controls set the depth and rate of the delay's modulation. By turning the tone knob to counterclockwise, you'll find warm, gooey bucket brigade style repeats, but turn it clockwise and the delay brightens up into chimey digital-voiced repeats. But the fun doesn't stop there!

This pedal also has a built-in effects loop, so you can send your delay repeats out to a pedal of your choosing and back into the pedal, opening up a whole new world of tonal possibilities by adding effects onto just your delay repeats without affecting your guitar's dry signal. The Loop Out jack can also function as a fully wet send if you're running a Wet/Dry rig. The pedal also has an expression input jack to control the delay time.

This pedal shows some obvious signs of use, but functions perfectly as it should. You'd be hard pressed to find another one out there currently, so don't sleep on this one!