Blackhawk Amps Valkyrie V3

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The VALKYRIE is the result of Blackhawk's quest for a tube amp saturated opamp drive pedal with the ability to get both tight and wooly.

The opamp then brutalizes the front end of your amp with an LM386 (the “power amp distortion” chip of choice) for massive volume boost. If you love midrange and cutting through the mix OR thick syrupy sludge, this is the pedal for you. The simple but very effective tone control lets you smooth out the top end and even at the lowest gain setting. With both preamp and power amp saturation controls the warm tube drive tone possibilities seem endless.

There's a blend for retaining your original tone, equally effective for guitar (especially when running into a high gain amplifier) and of course retaining the low end of your bass! 

The power section clipping is selected with three way toggle for LED clipping, no clipping (a huge volume boost) and mosfet clipping (more distortion, very organic but quieter), and added a tight/full switch to go from razor articulation to thick and meaty, which can be pushed into fuzz territory.

This pedal is lightly used and shows some signs of love and use but functions like a dream. It ships the next day.