Blackstar St James 50 EL34

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This Blackstar shines! Dubbed "the lightest 50watt amp in the world" the St James EL34 weighs in at 37 but doesn't skimp on heavy tone! 

There are actually two different flavors on offer, one being a high-gain 6L6-powered circuit aimed at modern rock and metal, while the one we’re looking at here is the lower-gain, pedal-friendly EL34 version. 

Ok time to get nerdy...The St James 50 EL34 includes a Celestion Zephyr speaker, an inductive load built in that allows you to run the valves flat out without a speaker connected, a next gen DSP speaker simulator available via USB, XLR DI or headphones and power reduction switch that toggles between 50 Watts, 2 Watts or Sag as needed. Additionally the lighter overall weight is thanks in part to the patent-pending switched-mode power supply piggy-backed on the top of the main chassis.

This extra clean amp is VERY lightly used, and we'll ship it to you super fast and packed super safe! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!