Gibson SG Standard Traditional Limited Edition Pelham Blue 2017

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Dang dude. 

Ain't this a looker? We're in love with this one. Why you ask? Well it's a dang 'ole SG Standard AND it's freakin' Pelham Blue! 

An iconic guitar asserted by shredders from Angus Young to Ian MacKaye and for good reason. 

This beautiful Limited Edition Traditional piece has '60's Historic vibes a plenty with the small guard, trapeze inlays and slim tapered neck. 

It's only 6.7 pounds, but it still brings the heavy. There are a few very small dings in random places, but for the most part, it's so dang clean you'd think someone bought it on accident and forget they owned it for the past 4 years. 

Our incredibly talented luthiers downstairs have polished the frets up and ensured it will ship setup ready to plug and play. New TKL hardshell case included!