Bogen Challenger CHB-35A PA Amp (Project Amp)

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Converting vintage PA heads and even projector amps into guitar amps has been all the rage over the past several years; it has opened some new tonal doors for many a guitarist. Bogen projector and PA amps have been some of the go-to units for just this sort of conversion. 

The Challenger CHB35 is a 35 watt box o' fun that cranks some amazing tone through a tube complement that consists of a pair of 7868's a 6EU7, 12AX7, and 6C4. Some unique tubes for some unique tones. However...

This fine lad needs some TLC to function and become the tone beast we know it can be. Currently it needs new power tubes and the bias circuit does not work. Transformers are good as are the preamp tubes. It already has a nice fresh 3-prong grounded power plug. 

If you're one of the adventurous types and have the know-how (or have access to those with know-how) this could be the right project amp for you. 

It has obvious outward signs of age and use, because it's about 50 years old. Cut the ol' boy some slack. 

Grab this project amp and you can have a new rig that would be the envy of your friends. 

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