Bondi Effects Art Van Delay

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The Bondi Effects Art Van Delay is a digitally-controlled, bucket brigade powered analogue delay, designed and assembled by Jon and Anna in Bondi Beach, Australia.

There are lots of great sounding delay pedals on the market, and there are also lots of delays with innovative modern features. The Art Van Delay is a painstakingly-crafted union of these two worlds. If you like plug and play, it’s an instantly usable device. If you prefer to dig in deep, it’s ready for you, too.

While the voicing of the pedal was inspired by some of our favourite pink-boxed delays of the 70s and 80s, we built the Art Van entirely from the ground up - it’s a 100% original design, which we hope will remind you of beloved classic echo units, while at the same time surprising and inspiring you with a totally new level of functionality.

It can provide up to 1200mS of true analogue delay, with total control over the feedback, delay time, and delay level. It has independent modulation control. It has tap tempo, with three selectable subdivisions. It has an infinite feedback switch. It has two presets accessible from the front panel of the unit, plus the option of 32 presets via MIDI. There is also full MIDI control of every element of the pedal, if you’re so inclined.


The Art Van is intended as an evolving community-led project. That’s why there’s a USB port, right there on the side of the pedal. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built already, but we’ll be relying on the feedback (delay joke) of users to tweak the firmware, develop new features, and to help sculpt the unit over time.

  • Bucket-brigade powered analogue delay —100% analogue signal path
  • 1200mS of delay time
  • Tap tempo with selectable subdivisions (1/8 note, 1/4 note and Dotted 1/8 are stock but can be changed with firmware).
  • Hold tap for feedback oscillation
  • Dedicated Depth and Rate controls for modulation
  • 2 onboard savable presets (Up to 32 with MIDI)
  • External tap, expression or MIDI input
  • Buffered Bypass (tails optional)
  • Simple driverless firmware updates on Mac OS or Windows 10
  • Current Consumption 100mA
  • Dimensions: 124mm long * 73.5mm wide * 59.5mm tall

This delay is lightly used and ships safely and swiftly with the box! Feel free to call us with any questions you have about this pedal.