Boss Katana-100 MkII + GA-FC Foot Controller

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The Boss Katana 100 damn! The Katana is the ultimate Swiss Army knife amp if you're a player who wants to create completely unique tones from the ground up.  You have access to its face-melting hundred-watt output section pumped through a tone perfect 12" speaker to amplify your existing modelers and preamps, or craft your dream tones from the ground up to the create the ultimate all-in-one rig.

It also has cab-emulated outputs and monitoring for a truly silent stage and studio guitar solution, and the included GA-FC footswitch gives you hands-free remote access to every sound in the rig. Sixty classic Boss effects within the Boss Tone Studio editor make it a tone tweaker's paradise. Tweak away, my dude. There's even single-cable stereo operation for running dual Katanas from the stage.

This amp and footswitch are incredibly clean and nearly mint. Grab this for your new rig and we'll ship out lightning fast. The original box for the foot controller and the Katana user manual are included.