Budda Bud-Wah (Alchemy Audio Mod)

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This is a modern classic that crushes most other wah pedals. 

Featuring a mids-focused coil inductor & hard-wire bypass the Bud-Wah emulates the vocality of vintage wahs in a sturdy, tour-worthy chassis that can take the abuse you give it. So much soul and tone in this little beast.

But that's just for starters -- this unit has the incredible Alchemy Audio mod to make this the wah to end all wahs. This mod upgrades the circuit and adds a bright LED. Now you'll be able to see if your wah is on - even on a dark stage. Alchemy also gave it a deep clean and lubricated all input / output jacks, rack and pinion gear and potentiometer and made sure all worn screws were replaced.

This beautiful wah is lightly used and functions like a dream. Grab it for your board and we'll ship out the next day.