Catalinbread CSIDMAN Glitch Stutter Delay

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The first thing to keep in mind about the CSIDMAN is that it completely embraces and makes no apologies for the fact that it is digital (though it does have a 100% analog dry path). Digital is the CSIDMAN’s aesthetic: as a delay pedal, it strives to reproduce echoes as true to the input as possible without filtering. When you utilize its scratched disc, stuttery, and glitchy behaviors, it is pseudo-random, yet gives you a certain amount of 'control' over the randomness. Catalinbread has taken the idea of your old skipping portable CD player and incorporated it into a digital delay pedal that not only does normal delay sounds (at CD quality) but can also skip, stutter, and glitch just like your beloved old CD player!

You can power your CSIDMAN with any quality power supply designed for use with effects pedals. The output should be a negative tip DC from 9 to 18 volts. The CSIDMAN does not run on batteries. If you want more volume, headroom, and percussive attack, try running an 18 volt power supply. A 9 volt power supply will have a slightly softer sound that saturates more easily.

Quick Start: Plug your instrument into the CSIDMAN and directly into your amplifier. To begin, set your latch knob full counter-clockwise. For now ignore the cuts knob, and use your time, mix, feed knobs to dial in traditional delay sounds. Now that you have dialed up a conventional digital delay sound let's make it glitch by turning up the latch a bit. Keep playing a staccato chord to hear how every repeat cycle randomly glitches. Turning CUTS counter-clockwise makes the slices bigger, turning it clockwise makes the slices smaller.

Spend some time here and really pay attention to what the feed, cuts and latch knobs are controlling as they are all codependent. The higher the feed setting, the more the latch control will be affected, etc. As you are skip-p-ping through these settings you can fully appreciate what the CSIDMAN is intending, as the behavior is completely random and outside your control. There are a variety of other sounds available, utilizing different ratios of feed, cuts and latch. Keeping in mind any adjustments you make to the feed, cuts or latch controls may still yield responses that manifest in a random way.

This pedal is very lightly used, and we'll ship it to you super fast and super safe! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!