Ceriatone Amplification 2202

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A compact British-themed amplifier that truly delivers the goods? We believe that Ceriatone has done it with this hand-wired JCM 800 clone, projecting 20 watts of soaring, punchy tone. Your ears will delight at the quality and versatility of this circuit and your back will appreciate its lightweight and portable nature.

Featuring a single channel complete with Preamp Gain, EQ, Master Volume, Presence, and Resonance controls, the sky is the limit. Additionally, Ceriatone thoughtfully included two 2-way switches for Fat and Bright options and a 3-way switch for Boost voicings. Other nerdy/useful features include a post phase-inverter master volume, a passive effects loop, and external bias probe jacks and bias adjustment. Whew.

Now, as for the condition, you can notice from the photos that it has hardly any cosmetic wear, with some small marks on the left side back corners and top. Aside from these small blemishes, this amp is in perfect working order, ready for stage or studio, and has been thoroughly tested by our amp technician here at EMS. 

Feel free to call us here at the shop if you have any questions about this amp. Grab it today and we'll ensure that it ships safely and swiftly!