B.K. Butler/Chandler Tube Driver TDR-101 + B.K. Butler Designed Tube Works MosValve MV-962

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This rack is chock full of tone! Up top, you know it, you love it. You must have it. Butler/Chandler TDR-101 rack mounted Tube Driver. One of the best, most sought after tones around. The quality on these is bar none! It features both Line and Instrument ins and outs as well as a footswitch input for bypass and boost. The original rocker switches for Bypass and Boost (on the front panel) have been replace with toggle switches but work great. 

Down below the TDR lurks the powerful B.K. Butler Designed Tube Works MosValve MV-962. Designed for guitar or bass, this cool rack beast emulates a tube response through solid-state technology.  It pairs like a fine wine with the Tube Driver to give you a compact rig that absolutely rips!

This sweet rig is lightly used, very clean, and works great. It'll ship out in the included rack case.