Chase Bliss Audio Automatone Preamp MKII

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What happens when you combine the DNA of Benson Amps Chimera in a box  Preamp with a little fuzz, some of Condor’s resonant parametric mids, and full blown preset control from your friends at Chase Bliss Audio? Amazeballs. That's what you get. But they couldn't call it the "Amazeballs," that'd be ridonkulous. So I present to you: The Preamp MKII. Built in collaboration with Chris Benson from Benson Amps, and known around here as the first Automatone.

This baby has variable diode clipping control (transistor only, silicon, and asymmetrical germanium), fuzz you can swap from open to gated, three mids resonance settings with variable routing you can place before or after the preamp, and three banks of ten presets each that give you thirty presets to set at your leisure.

This pedal shows little to no signs of use. Supa dupa clean! And ships safely and swiftly in its original box!