Colorsound Sola Sound Hybrid Tone Bender '16

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Yay! The 2016 reissue of the infamous "Yellow Hybrid" Tone Bender from Sola Sound / Colorsound.

This pedal features a combo of germanium (red dot NKT 214F) and silicon (BCY 71) transistors and damn it packs a punch.

Faithful to the OG, this reissue is battery operated only and does not feature an LED. But do you really need an LED to know if this thing is on? No. No, you don't.

These pedals sound beautiful when cranked and have the ability for your volume pedal to clean it all up to a nice lower gain dirt box. 

The pedal itself is very lightly used and is in excellent condition. It will ship stupid fast to your doorstep with the original box.