Cooper FX Generation Loss V2

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A game-changer. One of the holy grails of modern effects pedals. Since our pal Tom from Cooper FX has joined forces with Chase Bliss, he will no longer be making pedals under the Cooper brand, making this incredible pedal a soon-to-be collector's item. 

This is the sound of nostalgia. The Generation Loss brings together all aspects of tape degradation and uses a combination of effects to hone in on that sound we’re all familiar with. Generation Loss refers to the decrease in sound quality and introduction of noise and sound artifacts each time a copy is made on magnetic media such as tape. Random pitch fluctuations, filters to cut down on the signal’s bandwidth, sample rate reduction, and noise are all brought together in this pedal to mimic that sound without the need for a broken VHS player.

The pedal sports a number of controls to help you find the right flavor of the lo-fi effect. WOW is responsible for the amount and speed of slow random pitch fluctuations, while FLUTTER affects the timbre by intensifying those very tape-like fast random pitch jumps. The sound is further shaped by the resonant low- and high- pass filter controls (LP and HP). For an increased lo-fi effect the pedal is equipped with GEN and NOISE parameter controls. Turning GEN counterclockwise decreases the sample rate, and NOISE comes in two flavors—turning the knob counterclockwise adds a white noise before the filter, while turning it clockwise injects a divergent noise flavor based on the original Generation Loss pedal. No noise is added when the knob is at the center position. The DRY and WET balance of the pedal is adjusted by two dedicated pots for a more precise mix control.

These bad boys are no longer in production, so pick this one up while you still can! This thing is very lightly used, and we'll ship it to you super fast and super safe in its original box. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!