DigiTech PDS 3000 PedalVerb Digital Reverb

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This is the very rare reverb pedal from the 1980’s Digitech PDS series. A shoegazer's dream. The two switch PDS pedals are 12 bit digital effects, so it’s the best of both worlds—they have the functionally of a digital pedal but the sounds are much more soft and warm. The tone of the 13 different reverbs are great and they stay out of the way of your guitar signal. 

The most unique feature of the PedalVerb is the “Reverb Hold” switch which sustains the wet reverb signal endlessly. Which is very very cool. There are also reverse verbs! 

Considering that the pedal is over 30 years old, it is in great shape with light signs of love and use but it functions perfectly. 
Can be run with a standard 9V center-positive power supply or a 9V battery! 
This pedal shows its age to a degree, but functions perfectly ships safely the next day!