Meris 440 Microphone Preamp & Pedal Interface 500 series

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Sure, Meris makes incredible pedals but did you know they're responsible for one of the most versatile mic preamps made today? Classic "American" style preamp / pedal interface fully featured with : 

  • Legendary Cinemag Input and Output transformers for classic American mic pre tone
  • Hybrid-Discrete opamps receiving and driving each respective transformer section
  • Pedal friendly post effects loop. Interface with pedals at levels that won’t clip
  • High Pass Filter selectable between 80Hz and 200Hz
  • Custom 7kHz or 4kHz High Shelf filter optimized for achieving a finished tone when recording guitar
  • 20dB Pad, Phase Reverse and Phantom Power toggles
  • Premium components throughout the all Analog signal path
  • Designed and built in Los Angeles, California  U.S.A

Easily, one of the most overlooked 500 series preamps out there today. Super useful filters and the pedal effects loop just makes this preamp super unique and useful for tracking or mixing. 

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