Midiman Midisport 8x8/s USB MIDI Interface

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It's an 8-in/8-out (128x128 MIDI) USB interface with SMPTE reader and writer.  When disconnected from the PC, unit operates as a standalone MIDI patchbay. It has built-in MIDI cable tester mode and MIDI in and out activity indicators for each port.

SMPTE time code writer/reader handles 24, 25, 29.97, 30 drop or 30 non-drop frame LTC SMPTE formats. It converts LTC SMPTE to MIDIs Time Code for syncing any MTC capable software. Selectable "flywheel" can be set to any value from one frame to 255 frames, or forever...and ever and ever. The Midisport can perfectly regenerate even the worst SMPTE time code. Performs JAM sync in all modes.

This powerful unit is lightly used and ready for your rig. It ships the next day.