Cordovox CL20 Leslie Rotary Speaker 1960s

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The Cordovox CL-20 rotary speaker cab was a slightly modified Leslie 16 rotary, rebranded under the Cordovox name and sold alongside electric accordions. They produce the same lush, trippy chorus/tremolo/phaser type effects as the Leslie, and rely on the same tech: a speaker behind a rotating baffle that throws the sound out through multiple openings in the cab. Pedal builders of all strips have tried to emulate this classic sound. Nothin' beats the real thing.  The cabinet is controlled by a foot switch (not included) which is used to control the speed of the baffle's rotation for a different kind of effect. 

This particular CL-20 is in very good shape for it's age and works great. It has outer signs of love and use that you'd expect for its age but none of it detracts from the function and vibe of this really cool vintage piece. 

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