Custom Built "Machine" and "Big Muff"

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Built by Blake Hickey (formally of Blakemore Effects), this is a unique box that houses two of our favorite effects.

And these two pair like a filet mignon and a fine wine (or a burger and Budweiser!). On the left you have a clone of the famous tone "Machine" that creates a noisy oscillation of triple-frequency triangle waves that will cut through with a sweeping, industrial grind, making it a truly unique fuzz. It is situated along side a woolly Muff fuzz making this a killer dynamic duo! 

Controls consist of:

Volume: upper left knob

Fuzz: upper right knob

Tone: middle knob

"Machine" Vol: lower left knob

Mid-Boost: Lower right knob.

Left footswitch engages Machine side, Right footswitch engages Muff side.

This pedal was never a part of Blake's actual lineup making it a unique piece that combines two killer fuzzes. 

 Grab this cool custom box for your rig and we will ship it out the next day!