Danelectro '67 Dano

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The throwback vibe. The amazing neck. The Dano twang. The Aqua finish. Somebody pinch me!

Various Danelectro models have been favored by players like Jimmy Page, David Lindley, Arto Lindsay, Mike Campbell, Ry Cooder, and George Harrison throughout rock history.

The 67 Dano is a beautiful mix of two classic Dano models, most notably the “Dane”; the pickguard, pickups, and controls borrow from the “Hawk” model. This thing is oozing retro vibe and the tone is bright and clear with the right amount of vintage twang that you want from a Danelectro. And then there's the Lipstick tube pickups. They give off a hollow, snarky tone that sounds divine both clean and distorted. It has some modern appointments too that make it absolute beast, such as a fully adjustable metal bridge, a marked improvement over the 50’s/60’s hardware, which was a simple Rosewood saddle on a metal base.

Check the specs...

  • Alder body
  • Maple neck with a Pao Ferro fingerboard
  • C Nec Profile
  • 14" Radius
  • 1.64" nut width
  • 6.84 lbs

Get your hands on this faithful representation of old school tone! It does not include a case but we will pack it up right and ship it out swiftly the next day!

All guitars leaving Eastside Music Supply are freshly setup in house by our team of badass luthiers and will ship with level frets and zero issues.

Ready for stage and studio!

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