Dean Dime Razorback

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A guitar based on the legacy of the legendary Dimebag Darrell. This lightning-studded axe was built for the art of shredding. Five minutes alone with the Dimebag Razorback and the Dean-designed humbucker pickups will unleash vicious tone that's sure to put a smile on any Dimebag fan's face. It has a bodycrafted from toneful mahogany paired with a maple neck with Jatoba fingerboard (12" radius). And the Floyd Rose tremolo will have you doing deep divebombs that'll summon the cowboys from Hell. 

Our pro techs here at EMS have freshly setup this guitar so that it is exactly dialed in and ready to go. Grab this shred machine, and send your tone far beyond drive. We will ship it out to you safe and secure the next day.