DigiTech PDS 1002 Two Second Digital Delay

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Vintage Digitech Two Second Digital Delay. The very same pedal used by Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. At it's most basic it's a very sweet delay, sounds like a Boss DD-2 to me as it has a little extra warmth you don't get in modern digital delays. Then there's the repeat/hold switch which samples whatever you're playing and repeats it forever. Set the loop time high for sound-on-sound glory or set it extremely shot for glitchy awesomeness. All original, all parts functional, takes center-positive 9V power supply and batteries -- not included.
A vintage sleeper, rare and robust. The Two Second Digital Delay! Just as it would seem, you can record up to 2 seconds of delay, equipped with a repeat/hold switch which enables infinite repeats without feedback. A unique delay, with a bit more warmth than your typical modern digital delay. Can be run with a standard 9V center-positive power supply or a 9V battery! 
This pedal shows its age to a degree, but functions perfectly and includes the original box! Ships safely the next day!