Dirty Boy Pedals Octo '59

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This pedal is probably one of fattest Octave pedals on the planet. 

You can control the amount of signal going in with a pot and when reduced, the pot also acts as a tone control as well. 

The other pot on the pedal is simply a volume so you can control the signal going in as well as going out.  There is a 3 position frequency selector which adds flexibility to the pedal. 

And if that wasn't enough you will find a smaller knob that when turned one way will turn the pedal into a straight and smooth Fuzz pedal, and if turned in the opposite direction will only add 50% of the octave with any increment in between. 

This is a totally Germanium pedal which is extremely stable. One must listen to the individual Soundclips as well as the Octo '59 Rock song to realize just how much this pedal can do.   - no box or power included