DMB Bumble Bass Fuzz Custom Enclosure

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The Bumble is a Bass guitar distortion/drive. It is mean, hairy, and most of all, girthy!! From mild "beefed up" tones, to "crunchy" tones, to even "compressed raunchy" tones, the Bumble can do it!

The Bumble preserves low end in two ways... 1 - The Bumble's clipping section is specifically tailored around bass guitar frequencies, meaning that you have the low end on tap when you need it most! What a concept!?! 2 - The Bumble is a very unique bass drive because it uses our buffered mixer technology to mix your Clean (buffered dry) signal and your fuzz signal. This gives you complete control of your feel and tone.

You can dial your original unaffected tone back into your affected fuzz for added dimension, punch and attack. It's game changing the way bass players use pedals and is quickly becoming a staple for touring and studio bass players alike. 

Lightly used, this custom sweetie is ready to rumble!