Doepfer A-141-4 Quad Poly VCADSR

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A-141-4 is a quadruple, voltage-controlled envelope generator and is primarily intended for polyphonic applications. The module contains four envelope curve generators of the ADSR type with exponential curve shapes (charge / discharge curves of capacitors). All four units have common, manual controls and control voltage inputs for the parameters Attack (A), Decay (D), Sustain (S) and Release (R). Each of the envelope generators has a gate input, an envelope output and a control LED.

The following control elements and inputs / outputs are available:

  • Attack (manual setting)
  • Decay (manual setting)
  • Sustain (manual setting)
  • Release (manual setting)
  • CVA control (polarizer for the attack CV input)
  • CVD controller (polarizer for the decay CV input)
  • CVS control (polarizer for the Sustain CV input)
  • CVR control (polarizer for the release CV input)
  • CVA jack (Attack CV input)
  • CVD socket (Decay CV input)
  • CVS jack (Sustain CV input)
  • CVR socket (Release CV input)
  • Gate inputs 1 - 4, level min. +5 / max. + 12V
  • Envelope outputs 1 - 4 (Out 1 - 4), output level 0 ... + 10V
  • LED displays 1- 4 (show the course of the envelope curve)

This unit is lightly used and works perfectly. It ships out the next day.