Doepfer A-160-1 Clock Divider

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The A-160-1 module is a frequency divider for digital clock signals (clock divider), so that lower frequencies (especially for controlling rhythmic processes) are available in the system. The clock signal fed to the trigger input can come from an LFO, from the MIDI-SYNC or from the MIDI-CV interface (gate).
The divided clock signals (half clock frequency to 1/64 clock frequency) are available at the outputs. The low / high level of the output signals are 0V and approx. + 10V. The A-160 also has a reset input. If this is supplied with a reset signal, all outputs are set to zero and held at zero as long as the level is high.
The clock divider can also be operated together with the clock sequencer A-161 in order to generate periodic switching sequences with a length of 1 to a maximum of 8.
The A-160-1 is also ideal for connecting to the clock and reset output of the MIDI interface A-190.

This module is in excellent condition and will ship safely and swiftly in its original box!