DSM & Humboldt Electronics Simplifier Zero Watt Stereo Power Amp Simulator

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Amp/Cab sims have a come along way and they are totally kicking ass these days! As a backup, as your whole rig, as a hybrid rig, the Simplifier delivers up capabilities you can't get with a traditional amp.  Simplifier features a 100% true analog preamp that recreates with obsessive detail the most useful and popular clean channel preamps in the market AC BRIT: Classic AC30 sparkly and tridimensional sound. A true British heritage since the 60's. AMERICAN: Classic blackface deluxe sound. Sweet and dynamic with a balanced response. By far the most used amp on studio recordings MS BRIT: Classic clean-to-crunch vintage plexi style amp. The sound that defined rock music. The Simplifier is configured to give you the same feel and response of a traditional tube amp. 

The tweakable cab simulator section lets you easily dial two independent cabinet simulators panned Left/Right with a Mic Position controls that responds as a real Center/Off Axis microphone position. A three way toggle switch allows you to choose independent cabinet Style for each side: 1x12 Combo, 2x12 or big ass 4x12 cabinet simulations that you can combine with any of the 3 preamp voicings.

This amazing amp box is in near mint condition: super clean and functions perfectly. We'll ship it to you lightning fast! Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about this product!