Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octavio JH-OC1

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Nothing says Hendrix like the Octavio! The two are practically synonymous. 

The Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octavio recreates one of the legendary artist's tools - right down to every knob, jack, switch and circuit. Considered the holy grail of octave fuzz pedals, the Octavio f eatures front-panel level and fuzz controls. This thing is spot-on and plugged into a cranked amp will create an iconic sound that still makes jaws drop nearly 40 years later.

It's all here: every knob and jack, a DPDT on/off switch, and the exact same circuit layout faithfully copied from the original breadboard, front-panel controls which let you dial in just the right amount of fuzz and adjust overall level.

This awesome pedal shows signs of love and use. It is missing the battery cover, but that's fine since it only runs via the 9v snap (just like the OG's!). This classic will ship out to you swiftly and safely the next day.