EarthQuaker Devices & Death By Audio Time Shadows

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The latest Death By Audio pedal is actually the same as the latest Earthquaker Devices pedal. This new pedal is a joint collaboration that brings their sonic soundscape trips to your melted mind.

With the switch to the left, Time Shadows’ controls are completely the brain child of EarthQuaker Devices resident genius, Jamie Stillman. Flip the switch to the right and you enter the head of the madman Oliver Ackermann from Death By Audio barely clutching to reality.

Both sounds are wildly different from each other and yet share a perfectly designed harmony to be completely complementary and suitable for every style and genre of music. The EarthQuaker Devices side transforms whatever you play into the sound of a jazz space bazooka! It's a pitch-morphed fuzz delay filter with so much attitude that you are actually intimidated. It takes the input signal, blows it out with the power of digital distortion, blends it with a polyphonic sub octave, feeds it into a delay, then spits it out into a highly resonant envelope-controlled lowpass filter. The Death By Audio side is a multi-delay filter remorphinator that goes from icy shimmers to cosmic space caves of bouncing repeats.

Between the two, you should have everything you need to break brains and destroy monotony!

Very lightly used, this unique pedal with ship with the box the next day.