Electro-Harmonix Tall Font Sovtek Green Russian Big Muff Pi

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The name of this pedal is a mouthful...but with all the variants of Big Muffs, ya gotta be specific. And there's not really a bad Muff to be had. And the Russian Tall Font Muffs are no exception. Produced during the Sovtek era, this green meanie delivers are the full bodied Muff fuzz with a more articulated low end response (bass players love it!) and slightly less gain. Smooth, creamy, violin-like sustain.

Through much love and use, this pedal has shed its army green skin and sports only its grey, industrial Soviet metal (so badass). It is missing its 9v battery cover but that'll make it easier to power it with a modern power supply via the included barrel plug adapter. 

Though this pedal has seen much action and use in its lifetime, it's still in great shape and functions perfectly! It sounds thick and fuzzy like a Muff oughta. This legendary pedal will ship out to you swiftly and safely the next day.