Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Les Paul 1960 Standard Normburst

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The exclusive Epiphone “Norm Burst” is designed after the pristine 1960 Les Paul that Joe discovered at Norm’s Rare Guitars in Tarzana, California. The guitar features a classic Les Paul Mahogany body with a Norm Burst finish, ProBuckerTM humbuckers with 50s style wiring and a “Lifton” style case.

The limited-edition Epiphone Joe Bonamassa 1960 Les Paul Standard “Norm Burst” has a classic Mahogany body with a Norm Burst finish, and a AA Maple Cap with a Flame Veneer top, directly modeled from Joe’s 1960 original. The Epiphone “Norm Burst” is powered by Epiphone ProBuckerTM  pickups crafted with the same materials as Gibson BurstBuckers. The tone controls feature MalloryTM tone caps and 50s style wiring. A “Lifton” style case and a Certificate of Authenticity are also included.

“Norm took ownership of it in the 1980s and his staff nicknamed it the “Norm Burst,” says Joe Bonamassa.  “It’s the cleanest vintage Les Paul Standard I’ve ever seen. It’s so new that the nickel pickup covers look chrome. Even the original hang tangs were still there. Acoustically, the first sample that Epiphone sent me sounded like the original.  Once again, Epiphone has made a great guitar that I’m proud to have my name on.”

This guy is MINT and will ship lightning fast setup and ready to shred.