ESP LTD Serpent 600 George Lynch Signature Series 2019

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Homage to a shred legend, the Serpent 600 is one of the coolest shred daddies we've ever seen. Plenty of aggression with loads of clarity so every note pops. All of the features and specs are here according to George Lynch's tases and preferences and they are sweet. Let's have a looksee. 

The Serpent 600 is crafted from a swamp ash body (with the sick serpentine color scheme), with a 12" radius maple neck (.780"-.850"). It sports a rosewood fretboard with a U neck contour. The nut measures in at 1 11/16". 

Ok now for the fun stuff: all of that tone is cranked through the stock Seymour Duncan Screamin' Demon bridge humbucker and ESP LS-100 neck single-coil pickup. Big powerful chunky tones from the humbucker along with classic throaty neck p/u tones (throaty neck?). 

It's outfitted with one Volume control and...that's it. If you have time to fiddle with more than that, then you're not shreddin' hard enough. It's a push-pull pot that switches between the two pickups (one at a time only; can't have both pickups on with this guitar). 

And finally, it has the mighty Floyd Rose trem and locking nut so that you can divebomb your audience into sweet oblivion. 

This now-discontinued guitar is clean and I mean, clean. There's is practically no playwear. Still has plastic on the back cavity covers. No scratches, dings or what have you. The pro techs here at EMS have given this thang a full setup with 10s so that it's ready for stage or studio the moment it's in your hands. It'll ship super fast and super safe in its gig bag.